2009.09.14 Tuna is delicious!!
In my housekira4.gif
I found my favolite Tunagohan2.gif

so, I cooked very easy "rice with Tuna and Tofu"wa-i16.gif
126-2009.9.13 ツナ豆腐ごはん

Place Tofu, Tuna and cutted green onion over the hot rice.
And, put some Ponzu sauce and mayonnaise on them.chara15.gifhana2.gif

So easy and delcious chara16.gifonpu2.gif
2009.09.12 dangerous
I'm watching Michael Jackson's memorial TV program love0001.gif


This dancing is sooo cooool heart.gifchu.gif
2009.08.23 Duck steak
My mom's friend gave us canard viande chu1.gif

So i cooked steak gohan2.gif

115-2009.8.21 鴨のステーキ
It was very very delicious uruuru.gifkira2.gifheart6.gif

I wanted to eat morelove5.gifwa-i6.gif
I'm watchingkakko-a.gifThe City #9kakko-b.gif chu1.gifkira2.gif

Erin is dumped by Duncan naki1.jpg
Duncan was good boyfriendheart3.gif for her (his beards are too much, though..ase2.gif)
But, she said "I cannot forget JR." before his eyesase2.gif.
That was awful ase2.gif

Of course! It's kind of "honest", though..

Duncan won't come back again ?


He is turned out of the houseie3.gif by Adan abd Alie.
and he asked to Whitney if he can leave in her house a little while.
She said "yes". But, she looked not so happy..

She doesn't want to leave together hatena4.gif

From: nachumi